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Lennart Wiehe

Initiator of the concept label Kuratorium and resident DJ at Dutch club OOST.

After helping to shape the sound of acclaimed club OOST since 2016 as a resident of the first hour, young German DJ and producer Lennart Wiehe now settles in Berlin. His diverse but distinct quality selections as a DJ led Wiehe to debuting at iconic institutions, such as Berghain / Panorama Bar in Berlin or De School in Amsterdam at the age of twenty-three and more since.
In both production and curation, Wiehe stands in opposition to the trending race for the harder and colder sound by drawing towards intimacy, warmth and a more groovy roughness, fit for copious places and occasions. Rather than a specific genre or mood, his music is connected by a sense for texture, subtlety and hiss.
Following up on his now deserted Schleifen, Wiehe is building up a new, platform-like and project-based label, called Kuratorium. Here, he is giving excellent curators from the electronic music scene one-off showcases for a definition of what they stand for artistically.
You will always recognize Lennart Wiehe’s signature once you got to know it. No matter what comes next.