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Lennart Wiehe

Lennart Wiehe is a co-founder of the German record label Schleifen, resident at the Dutch club OOST and co-curator of the event series Eclectic Theory.

Born in 1995, Lennart Wiehe is already synonymous with skilled curation. This is non-ignorable in all of Wiehe’s observable activities: Being at the forefront of young, German producers, releasing records under both his real name and Ravechild alias; DJing in a skilled, fierce, and versatile fashion; publishing music as a co-founder of the Berlin-based label Schleifen; progressively co-booking artists for the event series Eclectic Theory which helped shaping the distinctive sound of top level Dutch club OOST. This artistic synthesis caught the eye of key figures like Marcel Dettmann and brought Wiehe to debut in iconic (and his own favorite) clubs like Berghain / Panorama Bar and De School at the age of twenty-three.

Pushing a rough but warm, varied but coherent sound, the borders between Techno, House, EBM, Wave and Electro start to blur and end up indistinguishably blended, no matter if it is in performance or production. Every detail Wiehe embodies is a mosaic of a whole, always going with the time and constantly giving a directly recognizable own flavor to any presented era. Behind the decks, he stoically transports consistent class selections with apparent joy. Instead of forcing his own expectations of a night onto the same, Wiehe always seems to find the right combination of records for a situation, effortlessly displaying his wide array of moods and speeds.