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Jonas Palzer

A key member of the LACKRec collective, Jonas Palzer is a producer, sound-designer and DJ with a delicate but uncompromising sensibility.

Immersed in music since childhood, whether at the piano, in the hardcore punk scene or the experimental splendour of the Cologne electronic scene, a winding path has lead Jonas Palzer through the German landscape to his current home and studio in Berlin.

If these influences seem at first glance to be an unusual or disparate mix, then in the studio and behind the decks, Palzer connects the dots and threads the needles that make each of these musical destinations feel reassuringly fluid. Since 2015, Palzer has been mastering a singular, transcendent style of body music that is pleasingly cerebral, typically physical and crucially, human.

Palzer co-founded the imprint Portray in 2015, making an immediate home for the warm, romantic tones of his debut EP, ‘Dawn Illusions’. This same, wistful sense of style and micro-focused emotional detail also informed his debut EP for LACKRec, ‘In The Evening There Is Feeling’. Formal training in sound-design, audio-engineering and acoustics continues to inform, rather than define Jonas Palzer’s approach to music. His second EP for LACKRec, ‘It Is It’ moved that same compelling sound in a more expansive, experimental direction, while still retaining enormous dancefloor potential. It’s a hymn to Palzer’s wide-eyed dedication to electronic music, and Palzer’s natural curiosity and desire to artistically accomplish big things with little rhythms.