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Primarily associated with Berlin’s LACKRec label, the music of Gian has a transcendent touch that lifts it above the factory line of techno and electro produced out of the city.

Releasing only occasionally, but to maximal effect, Gian’s trilogy of EPs thus far are the sound of a patient, sophisticated producer whose nonetheless not afraid to make a serious impact on dancefloors.

On his 2016 debut, ‘53_19_72’, Gian dove headfirst into techno, acid and electro, demonstrating a serious understanding and unique take on each sound, one further expanded on in 2018 for LACK015, of which lead cut, ‘Purple Burglar’, was chosen by Helena Hauff to feature as part of her cover mix CD for Groove Magazine.

Perhaps unexpectedly, Gian’s second release for LACKRec was a collaborative EP with house producer and Panorama Bar resident, Massimiliano Pagliara. As Gian & Massi, the three tracks were perhaps lighter in touch, but with the same inventive, euphoric tones, reexamining and contextualising strains of italo, house and hi-NRG for a contemporary dancefloor. Gian’s natural understanding and discovery of these sounds is key to his expert DJ sets in key Berlin venues such as about:blank, Berghain and OHM. Following a hugely well-received debut at ADE, as well as embarking on a LACKRec tour of some of Germany’s finest clubs Gian continues to evolve his style amongst tight, like-minded communities of forward-thinking artists, while his path as a solo artist unfolds as a steady revelation.